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NIE has a well-equipped state-of-the art laboratory for public health training and advanced research activities in the field of epidemiology. The laboratory facilities are created in 14000sq.ft area for routine and special investigations. The centralized laboratory system is access controlled and composed of dedicated areas for biochemical and hematological analysis, bacteriology, serology, tissue culture, molecular biology, HIV, lyophilisation and strain maintenance etc.

The epidemiology training lab is most modern and accommodates 25 trainees at a time. The laboratory is equipped with advanced and modern equipments like, autoanalysers, bio-safety cabinets, fume safety cabinets,centrifuges of various capacities, deep freezers (-20 0C, -80 0C) , electrophoretic systems, blotting and hybridization equipments, gel documentation systems, U-V spectrophotometers, MT plate readers, sophisticated research microscopes, freeze drying apparatus, biophotometer, robotic liquid handling system, ultra pure water purification system, regular gradient and real time PCR systems etc to name a few. The walk-in-cold rooms and walk-in-incubator room provide additional facility to the laboratory.

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