ICMR School of Public Health

India FETP - Master of Public Health

Core competencies

MPH (Epidemiology and Health Systems) programme is designed to introduce the students to the basic principles of public health, with emphasis on public health practices in India. upon completion of the MPH, the student is expected to develop the following seven technical core competencies:
 (1) Understand the scope and concepts and master the methods in epidemiology
(2) Plan, implement and evaluate public health surveillance systems
(3) Investigate the outbreaks
(4) Conduct public health research in accordance with principles of human subject protection  
(5) Communicate public health information to lay and professional audiences
(6) Conceptualize the elements of health systems to effectively design, develop, implement and evaluate the public health interventions
(7) Comprehend the biological, social, behavioural, environmental determinants affecting health

Duration and course organization

The MPH (Epidemiology and Health Systems) is a two-year programme, comprising of four contact sessions across 12 months at NIE interspersed with three field postings of 12 months duration in total. The details of the contact sessions and field postings are summarized below:

Course credits

The MPH (EHS) is a 60 credits programme. Of these, 22 credits are for the contact sessions at NIE and 38 for various field projects conducted during their ‘field postings’. During the field postings, the students will be placed in their districts/workplace and they will conduct five field projects, i.e.,
 (1) public health situation analysis
 (2) surveillance data analysis 
 (3) outbreak investigation 
 (4) evaluation of health programme and 
 (5) dissertation. 
The distribution of credits for the courses that will be covered during the contact sessions and various projects to be conducted during the field postings are summarized in the following table.