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ICMR-NIE has had a long history of training human resources for health. To extend this service to the online platform and reach a wider audience of learners, the institution set-up the Online Courses Division in 2016. In association with the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) at IIT-Madras, the ICMR-NIE offers a number of online courses under the banner - NIeCer (NIE-ICMR e-Certificate) courses.

NIeCer 103: Scientific Writing in Health Research

Indian Council of Medical Research [ICMR], National Institute of Epidemiology [NIE], has been offering online programs on bio-medical and public health research-  the ‘NIE-ICMR e-Certificate’ – NIeCer courses since 2016. The third in this series, NIeCer 103: Scientific Writing in Health Research, is a course on scientific writing for health researchers.  Communicating research findings to the scientific community is the responsibility of every researcher.
Our course will explain the fundamental concepts in drafting a scientific manuscript to effectively communicate research findings. It will provide an overview of the steps and principles involved in organizing a manuscript logically and sequentially within a structure. It will also introduce writing styles and formatting guidelines to be adhered to while drafting a scientific manuscript. We expect this course to be useful to individuals interested in improving their scientific writing skills and enhancing their publication profile.

Dr. Jeyashree K.

ICMR-NIE Course Coordinator: 

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NIeCer 104: Introduction to Systematic Reviews 
for Dental Health Professionals

This course is part of the series of courses on health research offered by ICMR-NIE. Systematic reviews, as a method of conducting research synthesis, are becoming common. They provide much needed evidence in areas which lack a concrete consensus and are considered cornerstones of forming practice and policy guidelines. This course was born out of the need felt among dental health professionals across the country to understand the basic principles of conducting a systematic review. Over the course of our lectures, the participants will be able to grasp the most essential steps and understand the various activities involved while carrying out a systematic review. We expect the course to be useful to dental health professionals who have minimal to no exposure to systematic reviews.

ICMR-NIE Course Coordinator: 

Dr. S. A. Rizwan

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