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List of Patents

  1. Nisha Mathew, Kalyanasundaram M & Balaraman K. Novel macrofilaricidal composition and process for preparing the same. Indian Patent No. 280638 (2017).
  2. Nisha Mathew, Kalyanasundaram M & Balaraman K. An Antifilarial Composition. Indian Patent no. 274393 (2016).
  3. Nisha Mathew & M. Kalyanasundaram. A technology for the production of controlled release formulation of an insect growth regulator for mosquito larval control. Indian Patent. No. 191820 (2005).
  4. K. Balaraman & Nisha Mathew. Process for the preparation of Cyclosporin-A from Tolypocladium species. US patent No. 5, 656, 459 (1997); Brazilian PatentBR9601017 (1997); European Patent EP-96-356060/36 (1996); Indian patent No. 183940 (2000); DE69521193T (2001); Canadian Patent CA-2142240 C (2002).
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