Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization


NIE will adhere to following set of core values that will form the foundation on which we will perform our work and conduct ourselves 

Excellence - We will strive to reach the highest standards in research, education and training  activities. We will execute institutional duties with integrity, discipline, dedication and meticulousness.

Accountability - We will recognize and respond to the health needs of the stakeholders including the community and act responsibly while carrying out institutional activities.

Team spirit - We will encourage and maintain camaraderie and complement each others’ strengths.

Transparency - We will be open and transparent in all aspects of institutional work. We will disseminate research findings through all possible media of communication.

Respect - We are committed to institutional regulations, cultural values and social norms and maintain mutual respect for partners in research, education and service. We will appreciate and cultivate inter-personal relationships.

Ethics - We will protect human subjects in research and promote and uphold ethical values in personal and professional conduct.

Equity - We will be fair to colleagues and the institution and include disadvantaged populations as beneficiaries of research and education.