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Online Course for Postgraduate Medical Students and Faculty

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In order to improve the research skills of post-graduate (PG) students and faculty, the Board of Governors (BoG) of Medical Council of India has recommended a  uniform  research  methodology course across the country. This course will be offered by ICMR-National Institute of  Epidemiology (ICMR-NIE), Chennai. The course will  explain  fundamental concepts in  research  methodology.

The course includes 23 topics covering conceptualization of a research study, epidemiological and bio-statistical considerations in designing a research study, planning and conducting a  research study, writing a research protocol and publication ethics (Course  syllabus  given  below). The learning materials will include video lectures, presentation slides, reading  materials and assignments.

What are topics covered in the course ?

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Course enrolment starts on 1 August 2019

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The candidates will be considered ‘Ineligible’ if they score less than 50% in total assignment score. They will have an option of re-enrolment for the course in the next cycle. 
The candidates who score less than 50% in the proctored examination (but have scored > 50% in total assignment score) have to re-register for the proctored examination in the next cycle

Conceptualizing a research study

Planning a research study

Epidemiological considerations in  designing a research study

· Introduction to health research

· Formulating  research  question, hypothesis & objectives

· Literature review

· Selection of study population

· Study plan and project management

· Designing data collection tools

· Principles of data collection

· Data management

· Overview of data analysis


· Measures of disease frequency

· Descriptive study designs

· Analytical study designs

· Experimental study designs: Clinical trials

· Validity of epidemiological studies

· Qualitative research methods: An overview

Conducting a research study

Bio-statistical considerations in  designing a research study

Writing a research protocol

· Ethical framework for health  research

· Conducting clinical trials

· Measurement of study variable

· Sampling methods

· Calculating sample size and power

· Preparing a concept paper for  research projects

· Elements of a protocol for  research studies

· Publication ethics